Classic Racers

Classic Racers - Press Kit



Classic Racers is the first of its genre, a pure time-attack racing game that takes place in the 60s era.
It's a hill climb racing game where the goal is really simple. You're down the hill and like in rally, you must climb at the top as fast fast as possible.
This discipline was very popular in Europe in the 60s/70s. Classic Racers is an attempt to recreate the feelings of this racing enthusiasts era.

Classic Racers is a racing game that disrupts with the habits of the genre:
No car customisation (excepts a livery change). No car setup tuning. No social features. No open worlds.
Back to the basics ! Its unique and simple goal is "Fun" !
Retrieve the feeling of driving fine to score the best time on the leaderboards of the many tracks available.
Feel the sensations of having a monstruous car that wants your wife to be a widow.
Enjoy the era of the iconic cars and drive them brutally to get the best of them.
Be the first on the worldwide leaderboards.


A simple but exigent gameplay for a maximum of fun


Vision Reelle is an independent studio started in 2015 by a developer from Eden Games.

Back in these days, i was working on Test Drive Unlimited 2.
I was at the head of the car division and was responsible of the gameplay, the physics, the sounds and the graphics of the cars.
You've got it ! I'm a true racing enthusiast and big car lover. One hand on the steering wheel, the other on the game pad.

The company has spent the 4 past years to give support on big racing game titles and others non racing games.
We are proud to say that we've made a lot of things for the Gear.Club and The Crew.

But now, it's time to take risks and to propose something new, something refreshing that disrupts with the habits of the today racing game genre.
For us, something has been lost in the past years.
Classic Racers is our first proposal and we're sure that you will love it as much as we love to make it.

Passion and transmission are our goals !


Download in Full HD - 103MB


Download all the screenshots as a .zip - 34 MB